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We exhibit at VIRTUALITY.FR - Experience 2020

Come and visit us at HALL 1 on stand E10 in virtual reality !

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F O R   Y O U ,   F O R   A L L .
Augmented Reality KaviAR
At KaviAR [Tech]

We believe that augmented reality is the web of tomorrow.

By limiting users' cognitive load and making their lives easier, augmented reality allows the digital world to penetrate our physical environment and provide informative, educational, fun and commercial content in real time 24/7 superimposed directly in the real world.

KaviAR [Tech] focuses on uses and does not do R&D for a simple "Whaou effect", but to bring real added value to users and brands.

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You wish to know more about the possibilities of The Augmented Reality ? from markers for communication (press, publishing, tourism, etc.)

CTA Augmented Reality KaviAR
The Web of Tomorrow


With KaviAR, use Augmented Reality as a growth lever!

While 80% of French people use a smartphone, augmented reality solutions are still confidential and reserved for a few geeks. After this observation, all the studies show that this market (augmented reality) will become unavoidable in the years to come and that the totally generalized smartphone will be the vector of AR as a precursor of glasses. Using augmented reality allows a brand or a company to create a special bond with its prospects or customers. Sharing an extraordinary customer experience allows the brand to position itself as an actor that listens to its user community

AR, a possibility to create a link between the real world and the virtual world.

A new way to push the boundaries of traditional communication

Imagine then that the smartphone becomes an interface, a filter between the real world and the virtual world. The objects will then speak and all the supports of real life will be able to give information instantaneously, it will become possible to decline all the uses of daily life without limit. From the creation of a product to its direct purchase, passing through all the communication or informative data related to places, objects or people. I want to know more about an object, a billboard, a product, I look at it through the lens of my smartphone and all the associated digital content appears.

For AR to go viral you need to empower users

KaviAR [Tech] understood that to popularize the use of AR, it is necessary to multiply the number of virtual contents associated with the real world and for that KaviAR [Tech], disrupts the market by allowing each one to create his own augmented reality. Increase digital content (image, video, 3D object, web link) in 3 clicks in the cloud to make it immediately accessible to users in real time. KaviAR [Tech] allows with its platform accessible in Saas mode to liberalize the use of AR and to multiply the uses of virtual reality as desired whatever the field, trade, press, training, leisure ...

Tomorrow's Web with KaviAR Augmented Reality


KaviAR [Gate]

AR Teleportation 360° Portal

Free Teleportation from your living room to the other side of the world in AR

We have decided to combine augmented reality and video or 360 ° images in order to provide an extraordinary experience. How to reproduce a teleportation with your smartphone? It's KaviAR [Gate].

Choose a destination, place a 3D door in front of you, open the door and step into an immersive 360 ​​° environment at home. Practice during COVID-19 containment?

Travel Free
KaviAR [Go]

AR Social Network

Imagine that you no longer need markers, you can place augmented reality content wherever you want as you want, dimension, positioning, animation.

KaviAR [Tech] delivers an app in your colors, your customers receive a notification based on their geolocation they open the app and access information, a guide, a reduction, the possibilities are unlimited, visual promotion by passing in front of a store, animated tourist guide, instructions for use or use ...

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KaviAR [App]

AR Online Software • Do It Yourself

Today, image recognition technology makes it possible to identify by a scanner included in a smartphone via an application any image and to associate it with augmented reality content.

Kaviar tech has developed software in SaaS mode associated with a application With, AR content creation is no longer the preserve of specialized agencies or large groups. Everyone can increase reality, The generalization of augmented content is the generalization of use. For content to multiply, we have to disrupt the market by empowering users.

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KaviAR [WebAR]

Send AR via SMS without App

What if augmented reality became possible without an app? KAVIAR TECH did it with INWEBAR, you can now click on a button in a product sheet to open your smartphone camera and position an augmented reality product in front of you.

You can just text a link and AR product to a contact, I take a picture of an object and ask my friend to position it in the real environment. A piece of furniture, a painting, a plant, a tree is a whole universe that opens up to you. E-merchants will not need an application, an API key will allow them to integrate AR into their sheets produced in 2D or 3D.

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KaviAR [Jewel]

Jewelry's AR Simulator

Facilitating the act of purchase is one of the challenges of augmented reality, KaviAR [Tech] has understood it and we are working to offer you very soon a simulator allowing you to test in AR the most precious accessories and jewelry without spending a cent, that's also tasting KaviAR ...

KaviAR [Holo]

Selfie AR Message

KaviAR [Holo] is a great way to enable the digital visualization of a human presence but in a contextual way (in the middle of a physical environment). Thanks to KaviAR [Holo], today we can humanize a message because the whole body language (smile, attitude, gesture) supports the message. The hologram can be used in everyday life to deliver a powerful, rich and meaningful message. It is also a way to signify a human presence where it is only abstract and unrepresentative.

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KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°1


Why is KaviAR [Tech] the best Augmented Reality Lab? Because what makes us move is passion, we are convinced that Augmented Reality will be the web of tomorrow and working in the web of the future is exhilarating. Our team is particularly complementary and masters all the cogs of design thinking and knows how to work perfectly in Agile mode. We are the supplementary R & D of AR, the immense possibility of use and applications available to us at the moment with AR sometimes prevents us from sleeping as the possibilities are endless and can modify our future. So if you are wondering why choose us? Imagine entrusting a mission to a team seasoned in new AR / VR technologies, mastering design and IT with the expertise of digital marketing 3.0. You will be enlightened and understand why some have "just" ideas and others are able to implement them.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°2


By choosing Kaviar tech you are choosing a laboratory specializing in AR and dedicated to your project, but not only ... Project management is our main strength, the advice we give is not just advice related to the technical aspect, it is the result of a very rich experience in all areas allowing access to the market and the success of a product. Our closeness to you is that of passionate entrepreneurs who understand that there is no success without sharing and without passion. This proximity is the best guarantee that your issues and challenges are taken into account.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°3


At KaviAR [Tech] we support you.

As soon as you extend your hand to us and trust us, we are there for you. Support means holding your hand and bringing you to the end of the road, as long and as far as possible. Sometimes we will tell you to take a left, sometimes a right ... Sometimes there will be trees on the road, we will give you the short ladder and we will go over them, together We'll show you in AR what we think and do what you think.

At KaviAR [Tech] we are with you .


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°4


More and more companies want to market a product that is actually increasing or developing a business model on this innovative principle. Do you also have an Augmented Reality project? Don't waste time on the technique, focus on the business model and entrust the Tech to AR specialists. With our Augmented Reality solutions in the cloud, the smartphone becomes an interface, a filter between the real world and the virtual world. Objects can speak, and all real-life media can instantly convey information. With KaviAR [App] it will become possible to decline all the uses of everyday life without limit. From the constitution of a product to its direct purchase, including all the communication or information data related to places, objects or people. I want to know more about an object, a billboard, a product, I look at it through the lens of my smartphone and all the associated digital content appears. I want to display a digital asset in the middle of the street with the name of my brand or sell products in augmented reality? KaviAR [Tech] puts its technology and services at your disposal. * Commercial mechanism for making tools or products available, without citing the brand or the origin of the information transmitted.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°5


Just like the White Label, KaviAR [Tech] supports you by communicating through its image. * A gray mark is based on the commercial principle of making tools or products available by explicitly citing and displaying the mark and the origin of the information transmitted.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°6


Application Programming Interface

Kaviar tech can provide you with an API to connect your e-commerce site to our WEB AR device so that your customers can finally view your products without an application. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is translated into French as application programming interface or application programming interface. The API can be summed up as an IT solution that allows applications to communicate with each other and to exchange services or data with each other. It is actually a set of functions that facilitate, via a programming language, access to the services of an application.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°7


Software Development Kit

Already have an app? You want to use the scanner technology from, Kaviar tech will provide you with an SDK to keep your user community active on your app and provide a new experience. SDK is the acronym for Software Development Kit. An SDK is a set of programming assistance tools available to publishers / developers of mobile applications. Many SDKs are used in the development, editing and management of mobile applications. It is possible to distinguish mainly three types of SDK. SDKs corresponding to specific programming environments or operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.), technical maintenance SDKs and what can be called marketing and advertising SDKs.


KaviAR Augmented Reality Service n°8


Proove of Concept

At KaviAR [Tech] we realize your ideas and bring them to life at concept stages.

This comes at a cost but allows you to get a quick idea, and see if your model is viable without breaking the bank.
A lot of help is available to carry out this type of operation, contact us for advanced support.

and for my Business ?


PitchPong - KaviAR [Gate] San Francisco in your living room (18 min)

How to travel without moving from your living room? Can we teleport? The confinement made us wonder. And it took a lot of inventiveness to get away from your couch. Enough to go on an adventure even in 12m2.

Vida en el Planeta - Poder viajar, el sueño de muchos confinados

Magnificent interview for Latin America of Jaime our super bizdev.

Breaking News KaviAR [Gate] on JT France 2

KaviAR [Gate] on France 2 is great and it is only the beginning of the adventure ...

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